Community Programs

The Long Beach Auxiliary Police Department is proud to serve our community. These are some of the community programs that the LBAPD are involved with outside our normal responsibilities:

Business Area Patrols:
As part of our nightly routine, we patrol the parking lots and areas around Long Beach’s local businesses. Our presence strongly deters crime ranging from vandalism to robbery. We know our local businesses are important to our community and make sure that they are safe and secure.

Long Beach Police D.A.R.E. Program (Drug and Abuse Resistance Education):
The LBAPD is active in supporting this worthwhile effort to educate our community and its children about the dangers of drugs and the negative impact they have on our lives.

Dial 911:
This program was initiated to provide donated cell phones to people who’s lives may be in danger because of medical or other problems that can’t afford to buy one. These cell phones allow people to have a method to “Dial 911″ in an emergency. This effort was started for the LBAPD by our  former Deputy Police Commissioner, Ken Novak. Thanks to his dedication, we have already delivered hundreds of working cell phones to people in need.

Boy Scout Troop 215:
Prior to the LBAPD sponsoring Boyscout Troop 215, there were no local Boyscout Troops. We happily provide a meeting hall (Auxiliary Headquarters) and are also actively involved. Some of our members regularly participate in the Boyscout meetings on their own time.

Temples and Churches:
The LBAPD works with the churches and temples in the community and provide assistance whenever asked. One example is St. Mary’s. This church holds a 3 to 4 day festival once a year. The Long Beach Auxiliary Police is always on hand to provide crowd control and security for the event. We also provide a strong presence for our local synagogues. We always make it a point to stop by the city’s synagogues during our patrols and will often post a car outside during the high holidays to give an extra level of security. We also patrol the Yeshiva schools and dormitories. We participate in many other events for the Temples and Churches of Long Beach year round.