Additional Duties

School Patrols:
We patrol all of the Long Beach City Schools. Vandalism and trespassing occur most often at night. As part of our nightly routine, we patrol city schools and report any suspicious activity to Police Headquarters. Our presence greatly deters crime on and around school property.

Recreation Center Security:
The Long Beach Recreation Center is almost constantly host to a variety of sports including hockey, softball/baseball, swimming, and la cross. Naturally, the Auxiliary Police provide a presence at these events. Our presence not only deters bad behavior, but also provides a large measure of safety for the audience.

Boardwalk Concerts:
In addition to all of the other events hosted by Long Beach, the City also offers free concerts twice a week on the boardwalk during the summer. Big name performers are often partaking in these concerts which, expectedly draws a huge audience. To ensure the safety of all of our guests, the Auxiliary Police provide crowd control for the concerts. Our presence at these events is also a comfort to many as we can get rapid medical or police assistance if necessary.